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posted May 8, 2017, 10:01 AM by Richard Perkins


Project grant applications

Timing of your application

The trustees meet four times a year, usually on the last Thursday in January, April, July and October, to award project grants. In order to ensure applications are considered in the respective meeting, the correspondent should receive applications at least one month prior to the meeting. Applicants can expect to receive notification of the trustees’ decision in the month following the respective meeting.


The following is an example of timings to be considered by applicants. If funds are requested for an activity to be held in late July and early August, the trustees need to consider this at their April meeting and the application needs to be with the correspondent by late March at the latest.



Your accounts

If you are a branch of a larger charity, please submit you branch accounts in addition to the accounts of the larger charity.



Your Reserves

In considering grant applications, consideration will be given to the level of unrestricted reserves held and whether these appear to be in line with a disclosed policy. Applications with excessive reserves will be rejected especially if there appears to be no explanation as to why the situation has occurred and how it will be rectified.


Particular attention will be given to unrestricted funds which have been earmarked or designated for future spending and the explanations disclosed concerning their nature, amount and when these funds are likely to be spent.


We need to be convinced that our funds are necessary for the project to happen.




Grants for individuals

Timing of your application

Trustees award grants for individuals on or about the 5th day of each month and applicants can expect to be notified of the trustees’ decision later in the same month. 


There is no required application form. Application notes can be found on the website which detail the matters to be included in letters from sponsors.